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    Welcome to McKinney Sales Associates! Since 1991 M.S.A. has been furnishing fatigue test nuts, double shear dies and custom fixtures (tensile adapters, single shear blades, fatigue bushings etc.) to the fastener industry and fastener testing industry. Our business is based on quality, price and service.

    Our fatigue test nuts are 100% inspected for go, no-go, on threads, minor diameters and squareness. All test nuts are threaded and faced after treating. We stock Mil-Std-1312-11A sizes 6-32 through 1 1/2-12 type A and B and NAS 1069 sizes 8-32 through 1 1/2-12 figure 6 and 7. We also make and stock figure 3 nuts per Mil-Std-1312-11A and metric nuts per Mil-Std-1312-111A.

    Our double shear dies are of 2 piece construction (no inserts). Either blade top or "T" top. We manufacture many custom fixtures and small tool items and assemblies from a variety of materials.

We welcome inquiries and will issue quotes promptly.

Thank you!

Don McKinney